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Read This Dermatologist-Approved Summer Skincare Guide Before The Sun Gets The Worst Of You!

Date:20 Feb 2023

When summer approaches, several cities experience monthly maximum temperatures that surpass the feared 49 degrees Celsius threshold. The worst heat wave is the one in Ahmedabad. Even while it can be challenging to maintain the health of our skin during the height of the summer, we can only imagine how difficult it will be during a heatwave.

Only specialized skin care regimens and some professional advice from Dermatology specialists can protect us from irreversible sun damage.

Few summer skincare suggestions are supported by research and the opinions of professionals, despite the fact that there are numerous online. The iVA Skin and Laser Center Dermatology Clinic Ahmedabad professionals have created this advice to help you receive complete and appropriate skincare during the heatwave. iVA Skin and Laser Center provide Skin Treatment in Ahmedabad and Laser Skin Tightening Service.

How to Cure Heatwave Damage with Skincare Follow the Following Tips

Tip 1: Stay hydrated.

Since we are all aware that prolonged exposure to heat and high temperatures can result in dehydration, and our skin starts to lose its beauty, radiance, and glow. Dermatology Specialist, at iVA Skin and Laser Center, says that consuming adequate amounts of water and healthy beverages prepared with natural ingredients will help you regain the beauty of your skin. You've probably heard of beauty munching, so why not start with beauty drinking?

Tip 2: Eat foods with lots of antioxidants.

Also, the dermatologist from the iVA Skin and Laser Center, Dermatology Clinic Ahmedabad recommended that we consume antioxidant-rich foods since they serve as "oral sunscreens." Antioxidant-rich foods can help you undo the damage caused by the sun's damaging rays. They protect the body from the oxidative stress that a heatwave causes.

Tip 3: Use sunscreen and protective clothing.

Any doctor will tell you to use SPF correctly as their first piece of skincare advice for the summer. Use sunscreen, sun creams, or sun spray before leaving the house because UV rays can severely harm your skin. Even if you are dressed in completely covered-up clothing, be sure to wear SPF.

Tip 4: Avoid skin congestion.

Avoid using comedogenic creams and lotions. To prevent skin congestion, choose non-comedogenic moisturizing products. This will assist you in maintaining clear, acne-free skin even on the hottest, sunniest days.

Tip 5 Apply cooling facial mists.

The usage of facial mists can instantly hydrate your face whether or not you are wearing makeup. Moreover, it soothes rashes and sunburns.

Tip 6 Employ waterproof and light makeup

Lightweight makeup formulae are preferable to heavy creams and cosmetic products since they allow your skin to breathe in excessively hot weather.

Tip 7 Avoid going outside during the warmest times of the day

SPF and other types of protection sometimes aren't enough to keep our skin protected during heat waves. Thus, the Dermatology Specialist advises that we should stay inside from 12 to 4 PM.


This summer, these straightforward tips by Dermatologist Specialist at iVA Skin and Laser Center Dermatology Clinic Ahmedabad for your skincare routine will entirely convert you from a hot mess to a glowing princess. Visit us for the best Laser Skin Tightening Service and Skin Treatment in Ahmedabad.