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Vitiligo Treatment in Ahmedabad

What is the Best Treatment for Vitiligo?

Date:23 Dec 2022

Vitiligo is a skin condition caused by an autoimmune response that fails to control the production of melanin. It affects up to 1 percent of the global population and occurs most commonly in people of color. It is an incurable disease and mostly starts appearing in people of color below the age of 30. 

What are the Early Symptoms of Vitiligo?

1. Small patches appear especially around your face, feet, hands, and genitals.
2. Premature greying or whitening of hair on the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, and beard.
3. Loss of color in mucous membrane i.e. on lips, inside mouth, and nose.

Factors that can trigger Vitiligo to cause

1. Close Family members have it such as your parents, brother, or sister.
2. You have diabetes, arthritis, Addison’s, or any other related autoimmune disease.
3. Changes in genetic behavior can harm DNA affecting melanocyte cells in the body.
4. Emotional stress or Physical stress can also cause the dysfunctioning of melanocyte cell production levels.
5. UV radiation and chemical exposure can also affect your melanocyte cells.

What is the Best Vitiligo Treatment in Ahmedabad?

IVA Skin and Laser Center is a Vitiligo Clinic in Ahmedabad that helps in treating moderate to severe vitiligo patients. The advanced phototherapy treatments and medicines highly curated by IVA Skin and Laser Center are extremely beneficial for reducing vitiligo patches. The personal treatment and care provided for Vitiligo patients after careful evaluation help in slowly restoring the natural skin color. It is vital to treat the condition at an early stage when only small patches are visible. For as treating the condition sooner can reduce the growth rate of vitiligo in other major parts of the body.

What can you expect from this Vitiligo Treatment in Ahmedabad?

IVA Skin and Laser Center Vitiligo clinic in Ahmedabad treats patients specifically based on the severity of skin conditions and offers a whole variety of treatments based on the severity - 

1. Stimulation of Melanocytes for restoration of lost cells.
2. Phototherapy with UVB (Ultraviolet B) to reduce vitiligo.
3. Targeted Phototherapy for big white patches.
4. A depigmentation agent is applied to the active areas for lightening the skin color to return to its normal color.
5. Surgery when no treatment or therapy seems to work. 3 Types of surgeries are done for stubborn white patches -

  • Split Thickness Grafting - In this surgery, the small section of pigmented area from your body is taken and replaced with white patches to make it blendable. This procedure is done only for small white patches.

  • Melanocyte Transplant - In this surgery, big patches are restored with melanocyte cells. The procedure needed to be performed by an expert to avoid any side effects after the surgery.

  • Erbium YAG Laser - In this procedure punching of skin takes place through a laser medium on affected areas. It intervenes in the root of the damaged skin and ultimately develops healthy tissues to replace the white patches.


However, oral steroids need to be avoided completely during the vitiligo treatment and approximately it takes 1 to 2 months to see drastic results. The melanocyte cells will slowly start restoring, replacing the old white patches with your natural color. Also, you need to take extra care after those treatments to stay steer clear of vitiligo recurrence in the future.