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Ear lobe repair in Ahmedabad

Ear lobe repair in Ahmedabad

What causes split earlobe?

Split earlobe, common in women, usually results from sudden trauma (e.g. child pulling on earrings) or continuous use of heavy earrings. The increasing practice of ear piercing by females as well as by males has resulted in more and more requests for earlobe repairs.

What is the treatment for repair of Split Ear Lobe?

Really the only option is to have it surgically repaired. There are many methods of surgical correction. In all cases, the healed edges of a traumatic, split earlobe need to be "freshened" so that the raw edges will "stick" to each other. The older surgical techniques involve suturing together of both surfaces. But the innovative Sutureless Ear Lobe Repair technique gives the best cosmetic outcome of the procedure.

What is traditional earlobe repair surgery with stitches?

Repair of the earlobe is carried out under local anaesthetic. The torn skin edges are excised and the fresh edges are stitched together with sutures that need to remain in place for one or two weeks depending on the clinical situation. This is decided at the time of surgery. Patient has to return to the clinic at the agreed date to have sutures removed. The chances of the unwanted visible scar are more with this technique.

What is Sutureless earlobe repair treatment?

Sutureless earlobe repair is a novel surgical technique to repair split earlobes without the use of stitches. A patient doesn't need to visit again to take out the stitches. The treatment is very safe and done under local anaesthesia. It gives faster healing, and better cosmetic outcome, with barely visible vertical line after healing, which also fades over a period of time.